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9-in-1 Total Anti-Aging Solution
Addresses wrinkles, dryness, flakiness, darkening, blemishes,
enlarged pores, and reduced skin elasticity.
The 9 botanical ingredients of the Jeju Anti-Aging Elixir Complex™ help
address common signs of aging, adding a healthy look to the skin.
The Story of Jeju Yeongjucho Mushroom
Legend has it that China’s first emperor sent an envoy to pristine Jeju Island in search of
an elixir of youth, as its iconic Hallah Mountain was said to be home to the gods.
This is where the Jeju lingzhi mushroom – dubbed “Yeongjucho,”
meaning “the gods’ elixir of youth” – gets its name.
Our 9 Solutions Collection combines Yeongjucho with 8 other native plants that,
together, help address common signs of aging.

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Perfect 9 Repair

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